About us


The name of the Society is “SOCIETY FOR EDUCATIONAL AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT (SEED)” and the name is hereinafter referred to as SEED

The objectives of SEED are as follows:

a) To establish and administer educational and research activities from basic school level to all types of higher education in Technical, Medical, Paramedical, Teacher Training, Legal, Management, Arts and Science.

b) To infuse and promote Entrepreneurship abilities among the educated youth by imparting specialized skills and scientific knowledge through SEED.

c) To organize conferences/Workshops/Training Programs/ Seminars and hold periodic Meetings aimed at Academics, Industrial Professionals and research scholars.

d) To facilitate quality assurance of educational programs and institutions through aiding the process of accreditation.

e) To promote industry-Institute partnership and entrepreneurship activities.

f) To undertake community need-based research, development and consultancy projects.

g) To facilitate publications, such as monographs, training manuals, e-resources, journals and magazines for the dissemination of latest information and research findings.

h) To enter into any agreement with or apply for and accept from any Government, local municipal authorities, etc any rights, privileges and concessions which SEED may find desirable to obtain.

i) To accept contributions, donations, grants, subsidies, subscriptions, presents and other offerings in cash and/or kind from individuals, Central Government, State Government, Quasi-Government bodies, local authorities and whomsoever on such terms and conditions as may be thought fit and proper and in congruence with the vision and mission of SEED.

j) To collect donations from Individuals and associations for improving the operation and management of SEED.

k) To sell mortgage, pledge any surplus lands of SEED and to utilize proceeds for the improvement and promotion of the scientific knowledge of the Educational activities and institutions of SEED.

l) To establish, organize and conduct various literacy programs, including computer literacy programs under various schemes of central and state governments, towards uplifting of women, in particular widows, depressed classes, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes other backward class categories, destitute and poor women, women belonging to below poverty line, rural and unemployed women.

m) SEED is non-political professional organization and its objectives will cover all people irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. In order to achieve its objectives, SEED may develop a structure, norms, funding strategy, programmes and activities from time to time.

n) SEED will actively promote and provide training, research and educational activities in Human Resource Development; SEED may also award diplomas, certificates and other distinctions and collaborate with other institutions and organizations in related fields in India and overseas; and, engage in all such other lawful activities as may be considered value-adding and/or supplemental to the attainment of the above objectives.

Executive Board of SEED

S.No Name Occupation
1 J.Balasubramanian Business
2 N.Rajkumar Business
3 T.Sankar Business
4 Dr.D.Brahadeeswaran Former Professor, NITTTR, Chennai.
5 G.Natarajan Business
6 Dr.P.SenthilKumar Senior Manager, Ashok Leyland, Chennai.
7 G.MadanRajan IT Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore.